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News: Ottawa magicians vote Chris Pilsworth, magician of the year, for a second time!

Chris Pilsworth, a full-time professional magician based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, has been providing magical entertainment to audiences for over thirty years.

He’s been called engaging, original and unexpected. You’ll soon agree - he was "Born To Amaze"!

Canada's premier Amazement Specialist, Chris specializes in performing for:
  • Businesses and Corporations
  • Family Parties and Functions
  • Theatres
Most recent reviews and awards:

"I am pleased to give the highest recommendation to Mr. Chris Pilsworth. Over the years I have attended countless receptions and events when Mr. Pilsworth has entertained and he is the best magician I have seen. He is a true professional whether he is performing for young people or adults."
Jim Watson, Mayor of Ottawa

"Chris Pilsworth is better than advertised: a great illusionist, yes, but with a heart and mind that match it."
Stephen Dubner - co-author of the best seller Freakonomics

"Amazing sleight-of-hand magic"
Trenz Magazine

"I was standing right there and I don't know how you did that… Well done!"
Liza Fromer, Breakfast TV, City TV, Toronto

"I'm just really impressed. That is amazing! My mind is blown!"
Leanne Cusack, CJOH TV, Ottawa

"That's spectacular!! Very nicely done."
Kurt Stoodley, The New RO TV, Ottawa

"The Great Pilsworth himself…. He gave us about 15 minutes of a real live magic show that was phenomenal!! He made things disappear and reappear, his sleight of hand created perfect illusions."
CBC Radio, Alvina Ruprecht

"Ottawa-area professional magician Chris Pilsworth was clearly the most impressive."
The Ottawa Citizen, Bruce Deachman

“Chris Pilsworth doesn’t simply perform magic tricks. He is an artist, who incorporates magic into a theatrical production. His award-winning magic combines movement, theme and theatre into an impressive package that captivates his audience to make them believe in the magic he performs.”
Joan Caesar, past president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians

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To reach Chris in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada,
Tel: (613) 592-8672

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